Zurich vacation - trying to get some sleep

So yeah, got into bed at 5 AM on Monday morning - and by 9 AM the construction machines out in the streets woke me up. Thanks a lot!
This meant some naps during the day..

But first I had to go and shop for food, because my fridge was very empty...

At 3 PM Katharina and me started our new adventure: a tango beginners course! Quite fun: I've been dancing tango for 7 years, but now I am learning to lead! And Katharina has had some private lessons and visited over a dozen milongas already - but it's time for her now to really learn the basics. I on the other hand am learning to lead!

The evening was mostly spent sewing - there were some clothes that just needed a finishing touch or a bit of repair work to be done.
I did not go out because I felt the need for 7 hours of sleep in a row!

On Tuesday I did one of the things that people on a vacation do: go shopping! Got two new pairs of pants.
And by noon I met up with a friend for a short visit to the ethnological museum.

After the tango lesson I also went to finally buy a portable loudspeaker system for my iPod - I needed it for the evening because I had received a short-notice request to do a hen night plus performance at a Tunisian restaurant.
It was fun showing 7 women some basic dance moves and making them dance together. And I got to perform in my new Legend costume for the first time!

Of course I went to a Milonga at night, but not too many men wanted to dance with me... So even though I had planned to stay long, I left after 1 AM.