Vacation part 4 - not in Zurich

OK, so I cheated... I didn't spend ALL my two weeks in Zurich. Over the past weekend I drove down to Lake Como where my aunt owns a house right by the lake. It's a beautiful place and a good change after the cool and partly rainiy week in Zurich.

I like driving over the mountains - love the scenery and all those curves! That's what a small car is for after all :-)

The street, winding up...

Cow alert!

Welcome to Italy! As you can tell by the different way the road is paved....

And you're always glad that you're driving in a small car on those narrow Italian mountain roads... Some of the shorter tunnels are so narrow that only one car at a time can drive through them! Honk, honk...

I enjoyed my time just hanging around, reading, swimming a bit and looking at the wonderful scenery.

Skyte-Surfing is the big thing!

My cousin Patric likes to sit in the lake :-)

Me too :-)

One of my favourite views on this world - I used to come here for Summer vacations every year until I was 15!

Of course I also went on some walks - and they were partly challenging! In the small village Olgiasca where I was staying, there's a yearly race called Gir del Doss that goes all around the penninsula.

There are white signs painted on the floor so people know where to run. The race had just been the week before so the signs were fresh and I decided to follow them partly. One round goes all the way to the Abbazia di Pion a (a monastery) over round (!) cobble stones.

The other round leads into the woods on top of the hill, over narrow paths, stones, slippery leaves... This isn't for people who only run on concrete! And at some point I lost the official route - no more white signs... I just continued walking, thinking that you can't really get lost on a penninsula :-) I finally arrived at the backside of the monastery and was quite relieved.

Evening with my aunt, cousin, his wive and some old friends:

On Sunday we went to the nearby small town Colico for the market where you can buy cheap clothes. And yes, I found some tango wear!

On Monday I had to go back home - but not directly, I first had to go to Läufelfingen BL for a small family reunion.

I started at 6:45 AM and was on the road for 5 hours, including driving over the Gotthard pass. I took the historical Via Tremola - the trembling road - called like that because it's still covered with cobble stones that make you shake all over.

Cold and wet weather on the top!

In Läufelfingen we visited my grandfather. We = My parents, my cousin Trent and his wife Molly (who live in the USA) and me. Note the family resemblance....

Hey, that's two of my three cousins in one post, not too shabby :-)