Zurich - Oops, where did my vacation go? ;-)

So you might have asked yourself what happened to my Zurich vacation? Well, I was too busy to write!

In short: I went to some museums (like a good tourist!), showed my American family around and took them to the restaurant Zeughauskeller (like good tourists!) and soon after this Michael Baxter arrived – the famous belly dance fotographer from California. He had been here 2 years ago, loved it and so he came back.

What followed was a week of foto shoots in a studio, outdoors and in a restaurant... and hardly any time to breath inbetween, especially since I had to start working again.

I kind of made sure that I got 7 hours of sleep every second day.... My friend Katharina which whom Michael lived during that week was totally exhausted because she did NOT get that much sleep!

It was hard work but fun. Michael has such a big experience in photographing dancers, he really knows how to make us look good. And we strike all those unconfortable poses, smile until the cheeks hurt and even walk through cold water just so that he can take fabulous pictures – because „If it aint hurting, it aint working!“

I became an expert in attaching false eyelashes... There where days when I had to put on heavy stage make-up TWICE! And I looooove my hairpiece!

I had so many costumes that I needed an excel list to make sure (nearly) everything got done, from Oriental to Bollywood, from fusion to classical Indian dance... Loads of props, effects (we love the fog machine!) and quite an amount of pizza were used during this week.

You can see the results in the gallery on my website. Enjoy!

Michael Baxter Photo Shoot

Bollywood Style pictures