Back to Beirut - after 4 years!

One of the nice things about going back to the same place many times is that you actually start to know people there.

So on Monday when I left a rainy Istanbul (it was probably crying because I left so soon...) to arrive at a sunny, hot Beirut, I was greeted at the airport by Zaher. I had met him 6 years ago and yes, we thank Facebook for making it possible to keep in touch and chat online a bit before I actually came here.

He took me to the hotel to deposit my luggage and change into Summer clothes. Then he drove me high, high up into the mountains. It was great to see a part of the country that I haven't been to yet. Just what I wanted.

There are rock formations up there like I have never seen them anywhere before, it was quite fascinating. And some smaller ancient Roman sites that we visited. Unfortunately there were no signs explaining what those buildings had been, I guess a temple and a watch tower (because you have a magnificent view over all the valley from up there).

Then Zaher drove me to two villages nearby, that are mostly winter resorts. Rich people have their weekend/holiday homes up there, some actually built in chalet style. We even got to see the ski lifts, but right now, there is no snow of course, only rocks. And the villages look like deserted ghost towns because there's nobody there on a normal Monday except for some construction workers.

By the time we got back down it was evening. I went to fetch my tango shoes and refresh myself and off we went to the milonga!

Zaher doesn't really know much about tango although he had told me he would take lessons. So I showed him some steps. And he got to watch me dance with other men :-)
There were some surprisingly good dancers and the women all had expensive, stylish shoes to look at (but that's just what I would expect in Beirut, of course!). Therefore I decided that it was definitely worth going to some more!

And by the way... For someone who told everybody that I would do a lot of shopping here, I have held back really good so far - mostly due to lack of opportunity. I basically only spent money for transportation until now.