Beirut - Getting lazy and around

On Friday I had my last dance classes with Helena. We drove to the studio and I first joined another lesson with her students. They were the same people as on Wednesday plus two more.

Around the dance studio:

Then we finished the choreography - now I have quite some new material to work on!

On the way home Helena drove me to a shopping mall to have lunch there. It was quite a big mall, mostly with Western brand stores. I generally find that most of the stuff here I can also get at home, so even though I planned to do some heavy shopping, I haven't bought too much yet because I concentrate on shops that we don't have in Zurich.

I felt a bit lazy then and just went to my hotel room, watched a film and got some sleep.

In the evening I walked down Gouraud street towards towntown to check out the restaurants. There's a whole range of food: Lebanese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French...

It was after 8 PM and most places were rather empty especially the bars. Way too early for the folks here to go out :-)
I continued to Downtown and took some "Beirut by Night" pictures since everything looks so beautiful with the lights.

I so wanted this statue of a veil dancer - but it was too expensive...

On the way back I went to a pizzeria for dinner.

I had planned to go to a place that had a sign advertising karaoke the other night, but apparently it was only once a week. And since my feet didn't allow much dancing and didn't want to just sit alone in a bar I went back to the hotel and got a good night's sleep.