Gone Dancing...

I haven't been to dance festivals in a while, so I booked the special price package for the Esquisse d'Orient festival in Fribourg in June already. But now that it had arrived, I admit that I was not very motivated to get up in the morning and drive there...
Having just come home from my last vacation, all I really wanted was a cozy weekend at home - especially since there will be nothing but busy weekends until Christmas!

I got there by the half of the workshop (which had started at 8 AM!) to learn a drum solo choreography with Aziza from Torino which was actually quite cool. Then there were more classes with Mo Geddawi and Raqia Hassan.

Yes, there were MANY hours of dancing!
But I did't stress myself. I seldom ever use choreopraphies I learn in workshops, so I took some time inbetween to just sit down and take notes of nice movements to use them in my own choreographies.

After a dinner with two other dancers we went to see the gala show. And I have to say that it was a very nice show, all the dancers were good or even excellent. The highlight was of course Randa Kamal. I had seen her years ago in Cairo and she's really wonderful to watch.

If only the dancers in the Middle East would keep their hands off the silicone! They always get pumped up way too much and it's a bit distracting.