Istanbul - close to the end

So why did we get up on our last day after hardly 5 hours of sleep? Because as Katharina says, a visit to the hamam is as good as two hours of sleep. So we did our last packing, had some breakfast and went off to the Galatasary Hamam because it's only a 2 minutes walk from the hotel.

You know that you have been carrying a heavy handbag for a week when you get a massage... My neck muscles needed some special work!

Katharina's flight left two hours before mine so she left after some small lunch. And we promised each other to come back together as soon as possible, we had been such good travel companions.

I strolled up and down the street a bit and successfully avoided buying any more shoes - which was wise because at the airport it turned out that my luggage was overweight. No surprise!
Stuff like hip scarves with coins or tribal jewellery is heavy! And I even had given the Bella costume to Katharina! Luckily the guy at the check in counter let me pass without charging anything.

I spent half of the flight calculating what I had spent for all my stuff - and I was even under budget for the costumes! Good girl!