Istanbul - Just for a bit

This is how I like to travel :-)

Airplane on time. Spent most of the flight watching a Bollywood film on my new iPad (love it!).
35 minutes after touch down I was already in a shuttle bus on the way to Taksim square, with the sun shining through the window...

My final destination was Beirut, but I didn't have a good direct connection (there is no direct flight from Zurich), so I had decided to make the best out of it and spend some time in Istanbul inbetween.

I met up with Orhan, a tango friend (of course) and we took a classic Sunday afternoon walk from Besiktas to Ortaköy - like thousands of other people who had the same idea...

Did you know that they have an official hugging area now?

In the evening we went to a really nice Milonga for a round of tango.