Istanbul - Stop-over

On Monday I had to get up early to catch my plane to Istanbul.
So when I arrived I first had to take a nap. Then I headed for Cedikpasa Hamam, to wash all the dust and sweat off me - and to keep up the relaxed mood.

Since it's very close to the Grand Basar I also went there, just strolling around, looking at some jewellery but buying nothing.
Maybe it was just me, but I didn't find the shop keepers as annoying as usual. Or they are really getting less aggressive? There were surprisingly many people in the Basar, even more than in May.

At night I went for a stroll on Istiklal Caddesi with Orhan, another of my favourite things to do here, and we had dinner at a small vegetarian restaurant.
Then we went to the milonga at the Armada hotel, a very nice place with a big dancefloor. It got crowded rather late although it was Monday, and we stayed until the end.