Orienta Festival

Orienta in Frankfurt used to be the crown of dance festivals in Germany. I went there several times, be it as just a visitor or also a teacher and performer.

But then I hadn't bee able to go for several years because the date always collided with other events. So in 2010 I profited of the opportunity of convenient dates.

Actually it took place a bit outside of Frankfurt but close to the airport so I decided to spare myself the long drive and fly instead. The flight takes just an hour and I am usually quite exhausted after two days of dance festival and glad to just sit and do nothing.

I remember the first Orienta I ever went to - it was the first time I went to a dance festival at all and I was totally overhelmed with all the shopping opportunities, workshops and people.

This years Edition was a bit smaller (and in a different location, a small town called Hofheim) and I knew what to expect, so I actually spent quite a relxad Saturday there. Arrived at about 10:30 and first went to the booth of the costume designer for whom I would later be a model in the fashion show to try on the costume.
Then I needed to get out and have lunch because I hadn't had a decent breakfast.

Fuelled with new energy I strolled through the fair but didn't buy much. After all I'll be going to Istanbul again in a month, so I decided that I'd rather get the skirt there that I am looking for.

We were about a dozen dancers to participate in the fashion show. It was a good opportunity to meet old and new faces in the dressing room. After all, meeting people is one of the main reasons why I go to festivals in the first place!

I am in the video at 3:10 to 3:40 and again at 8:35

In the end I spent a good part of the afternoon siting opposite the stand of the high-end costume designer Bella with another dancer called Tizia. It was a great place to meet people because everybody walked past there sooner or later. Plus we got our own private fashion show of dancers who tried on the costumes, giving our advice: "nah, doesn't suit you..." - "Wow, you look great in this, you MUST buy it!"

In the evening I went for dinner with two other dancers. I gnerally find that it's really easy to get to know new people in the German dance scene, most dancers are open and friendly.

On Sunday I was glad that I had done most of my socializing the day before because I was quite busy, teaching a tango-oriental workshop, performing in the Oriental party and on the afternoon stage. But it was fun and the audience in both places was very friendly if not to say enthusiastic!

Demonstrating a step in my workshop
By 5 PM I was done with wrapping up my stuff and took the train to the airport, not as tired as other times but glad that I could just sit in the plane for a while!

Actually I got to the airport way to early but that gave me the time to translate an article into English and to start watching a film. Have I mentionned before that I love my iPad?