Istanbul - From deep Winter to late Summer...

When I went to the airport on Friday I was wearing a sweatshirt, two light jackets and a coat - in short I was doing more layers than Suhaila Salimpour (a little bellydance joke, haha).

One by one I put them in a bag and once I was in Istanbul even the thin sweater was more than warm enough. How delightful!

As usual, the first afternoon of a week in Istanbul was filled with running frantically from one place to the next, ordering a costume, tango shoes and clothes from different places.

Of course it also gets dark very early here in December so I got a first view on the Turkish version of Christmas decoration, especially on Taksim square. Interestingly some of it strongly resembles the Christmas lights that were taken away from Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich after some years because people protested that they were not "christmasy" enough...

After a much needed dinner and rest it was tango time! We went to a milonga in the Levent area that I had never been to.
But there were some people I knew anyway. And the night was still warm enough so that we could sit outside to cool down from the dancing.