Istanbul - Shopping on Istiklal street

On Saturday I finally got a chance to sleep in and take it slow.

I got to Istiklal Caddesi by noon, very determined to buy new boots. Instead I ended up trying on at least ten different dresses at a shop called Centro. And I bought three of them plus a skirt and a pullover. Efficient as ever ;-) After visiting many more shops I got hungry so I ate a light lunch and then went to a hairdresser to get a new haircut.

This was a good rest for my busy feet and I continued my shopping mission, concluding it successfully with two pairs of boots and a pair of ballerinas.
During the afternoon there were two demonstrations on the street. Demos seem to be a Turkish hobby! There is at least one every day on this busy pedestrian street. And I am always amazed about how disciplined the people are. There are usually 100 to 200 persons carrying their transparents and shouting their paroles. But I have never seen any form of violence. And the other thousands of people on the street just seem to ignore them and continue their shopping.

People here also make the queue for the bus or dolmus (minibus). No pushing or cutting in. I can report this from my own experience of waiting in a line for a dolmus for at least 20 minutes on an early Saturday evening with heavy traffic...

In the evening I got another share of steps - we went to eat in a nice little restaurant on the 5th floor with a view on the masses of people Istiklal caddesi and later to a milonga that was also on the top floor of one of those buildings that have a different kind of party or live music on every floor.