Killing our feet in Istanbul...

Wow, it’s Wednesday already! So let me give a short account of what happened since Saturday....
Willow finally arrived on Sunday afternoon - for her very first time in Istanbul.

After a short stroll we went to the Galatasaray hamam for some much needed relaxation. We enjoyed the warmth and discussed how going to a place where all women are naked gives you a more realistic view of what female bodies look like than any photoshopped picture in a magazine or catalogue. We really do come in all shapes and sizes and it's ok.

In the evening it was of course tango time at the Ponte and we both danced a lot.

On Monday we did the tourist’s duty and went to visit the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Saray. Well, I have been to these places several times before but not in a while so it was still nice to see them again. 

Willow will do anything for a good picture!

We didn’t see more because it took us quite a while just for those two big things - and Willow is much slower than me when it comes to walking around and looking at things. She takes pictures of EVERYTHING!

Did I mention that I love tiles? They have a lot of them in the Topkapi Saray!

It's tiles galore!

The evening sky over the Topkapi Saray's park
And we also had to go to BellySu so I could try on my costume that they are making for me. It was only half finished but already looked really good.
The amazing thing is that I only told Serap Su in advance that I wanted a white costume - I never sent any measurements. But they had a look at the pictures on my website, guesses my size and got it perfectly right!

We had to take a rest in the evening for our poor feet before going to the Armada milonga at night where we met up with a friend of mine.

As I had told somebody earlier: All the women I know are Oriental dancers and all the men I know are tango dancers :-)    

More things we did in the next days:

We spent FOUR hours just getting from the Spice Basar to the Grand Basar (it could theoretically be done in 30 minutes). As mentioned before, Willow likes to look at everything. Which was also good for me because it made me find stuff that I might not have seen otherwise.

A costume maker's paradise!

Our stylish lunch restaurant - eating like the locals!

Head scarf shop
More is more!

Pink boots!
Grand Basar impression

And of course we went to see the dinner show at Kervansaray!
While she is a costume designer during the day, Serap Su also is a great performer at night.

Looking stupid around two lovely ladies....
Asena as Annie Lennox... Well, I guess even a big dance star like her wants to do something new with her hair from time to time!

Dancing in the streets on our way home.