Flying to paradise...

In preparation for our visit to Honolulu we went gift shopping in Zurich in the morning before the departure. Just to show you the contrast in climates, this is one of the things we saw....

So yeah, it’s wonderful to go to Hawaii, if only it wasn’t for those long flights.
But I have to say, that our 11,5 hours from Zurich to San Francisco went quite well. Again, I recommend Swiss International Airlines!

As usual I didn’t sleep much, but I watched two films, did some dance work in the iPad and read some comics.

I also liked the way that San Francisco airport worked. OK, I am still traumatized by LAX... But in SFO, everything went smoothly and we didn’t have to wait too long at immigrations. Got our luggage and stepped out into the sunset :-) 

Where I took off my coat - just to put it back on the moment the sun dissapeared behind the hills. It got kind of chilly!

We took the shuttle bus to the hotel, just put our luggage down and then went for a 1 hour walk through the residential area of San Bruno which is quite nice. We really needed to move after sitting so long!

Then we met up with our friend Michal Baxter (the photographer who had been in Zurich last August for a fabulous dance foto shoot). He took us to a nice restaurant for some good food and a chat.
Then we collapsed in bed to get some sleep before we had to get up early in the morning for our flight to Honolulu.

This time it was only 5 hours - but it was a really shaky flight and it felt like an eternity... I usually don’t get sick in airplanes, but this time I really felt kind of bad and I was more than happy to land in Honolulu!

We knew that it was all worth it when we got out into the warm, humid air of Hawaii and were soon greeted by Willow who took us to her home where we will be staying for two weeks!

So they call it winter here but it sure feels like summer to us!