Honolulu - Back to the beach

On Monday we got up a 6 in the morning to try our luck at the beach again.

Well, with Oli being rather slow in the morning we only started walking to Waikiki at 7 AM...
We rented our surfboards but had to find out that there were only few waves, and those were small. I caught only two in one hour... So I decided to return my board wile he stayed out longer.

Instead I went for a swim along the beachline and then walked back. It’s always interesting to watch the people on the beach. My favourites are groups of Japanese girls, they are always a funny sight, some of them in strange clothes.

Then I sat down and read my book until Oli finally came back to the shore.

We stopped at some shops on the way home and got there at 3.

Then got another of those Vietnamese manicures :-) So now I have nicely painted, sparkly read nails.
In the evening we went to the milonga for our weekly fix of tango. It’s a small community here, but with some good dancers, so we enjoyed it.

Afterwards we went to eat a late dinner with some of the tango dancers at a great restaurant called Shokudo. It’s basically Japanese, but many of the foods are fusioned or made in a special way. I had a Teriyaki Chicken Quesadilla for example - delicious!

And the restaurant was quite full, although it was close to midnight!

By the way, I find it quite funny that their website says: “Dress Code: Casual, shirt and footwear required.” Yes, Hawaii is a beach place. So some people might walk around barefoot in just shorts....