Honolulu - A bit of beach and a lot of pictures

Tuesday was rather lazy, but of course with more walking.

First we went down to Waikiki, where there were close to no waves. So we headed over to Ala Moana beach. It was a nice walk, past some of the big hotels there, we also went through the “Hawaiian Village” of the Hilton hotel with the same name. Well, the village looked oddly Japanese to us! But then I guess they want to make the many Japanese tourists feel comfortable.

We finally relaxed in the shadow of some palm trees at the Ala Moana beach, but had to shift every 15 or 20 minutes because that bit of shadow moved fast.

Then we went over to the shopping center which is just across the street of the beach to have lunch.
I made the usual observation there: Asian people are mostly what you will see here. And it’s not just the tourists.
As you can find out by the restaurants they have here, people from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam live on Oahu (and the other Hawaiian islands). And probably also people from other Asian countries (yes, of course there are Indians, just not as many).

Plus, there are many mixed-race (or in Hawaiian: Hapa) people here.

Of course there have been ships bringing loads of immigrants from other countries, such as Portugal (over 100 years ago) and there are still people from all over the world moving here.

But walking around in a shopping center you definitely feel like you are somewhere in Asia.
(more on the immigrants here: www.hawaiian-roots.com/immigrants.htm)

After we got home this afternoon I had to get ready for my photo shoot in the early evening with Joe Marquez, aka “The Smoking Camera”.

He does pretty amazing outdoor shoots and ever since I had seen Willow’s sunset pictures by him I wanted them too!
We drove to a park by the sea and he first made me pose on some rocks and later on the lawn with some palm trees in the background. Oli acted as his assistant.

The photos are pretty amazing! See them here:  Picture gallery

Even though posing for photos is just “standing around” it can be rather tyring, since the best poses are often not very comfortable for a long while. Plus I had to hold on to my veil like crazy because of the strong wind. So I was rather tired that evening when we came home and we didn’t do anything fancy.