Honolulu - Carnival time!

One of the advantages of staying with locals is that you will do stuff that tourists normally don’t even know about.

Every year in February the Ponahou school in Honolulu has a carnival (well, rather a fair) that works as a fundraiser for the school.

So most of the people who work there are volonteers, often former students of the school.
And yes, this is the school that Barak Obama went to, but no, he wasn’t selling burgers there :-)

There were many stands for different kinds of food and drinks - the most famous being malasadas. An originally Portuguese sweet that is now regarded as a Hawaiian speciality. Last year apparently 150’000 malasadas were sold and we helped to reach that number again!


We walked around for quite a while - on the fairground as well as in some of the school's rooms where they had an exhibition of paintings and other art.

Of course I also went on the Ferris wheel - and I was so busy taking pictures and filming that I even forgot my fear of hights. On the pictures you can see part of the view over the carnival grounds.

After several hours we walked back home (it’s not far from where Willow lives) and totally collapsed - I guess our jet lag got the better of us. But we did pass the building where Obama grew up :-)

We really needed some hours of sleep, but then got up again for the evening entertainment which consistet of having more good food going to the cinema to watch “The Social Network” which we all quite liked.