Honolulu - Culture time

On Wednesday we had only driven by the royal palace, so on Thursday we decided to take a closer look and get some cultural education.

We started by visiting a photo exhibition at the State Library about the traveller Isabella Bird who had been around the world over 100 years ago and of course also in Hawaii - by then called the Sandwich Islands (ha, I am sure you didn’t know that?!).

Then we went over to the Iolani palace and spent quite a lot of time there visiting the various rooms. They have good audioguides so you can move around freely.

The Hawaiian Royalty has a rather interesting history. And we learned a lot of names like Kamehameha, Kalakaua, Kapiolani, Liliuokalani etc. (and those are the shorter names!).

Then we walked around Downtown which is just beside the palace and went back to Chinatown because Oli wanted to buy some more Chinese sweets...

Oli in front of the old fire station

Old and new buildings in China Town

Unfortunately they close the museums at 4 PM because we wanted to visit some more on the way back, but I guess we can still do that later.