Honolulu - Going Asian

By now we have probably come to terms with the fact that this is not a beach holiday :-) But hey, it’s warm and the sun is shining most of the time. So who am I to complain?

In the morning I went for a manicure and pedicure at a place just around the corner. Like many of these beauty salons here it’s owned by Vietnamese people. Who speak English with a very heavy accent that’s kind of hard to understand.

This is what it sounds like... 

On Wednesday, Willow drove us to Downtown where we had a really good pasta lunch and then wandered around a bit and went to check out the strange world of goods sold in the shops in Chinatown.
Half of the things on offer there are not really stuff I would even think of as food...


Yes, there is so much more to Honolulu than just Waikiki, so it’s really worth it to see the different parts of the city with their different atmospheres! Which is very obvious in Chinatown - right besides the highrisers of the modern financial area of Downtown you can find several streets with 2story buildings, some of them over 100 years old.

There is also a pretty little park with a pond. popular for wedding photos.

I spent the evening just chilling and reading while Oli got quite busy creating a new website for Willow.