Honolulu - Going to the forest

On Sunday we first slept in....

Willow and me expanded the gourmet experience by getting hot dogs at “Hank’s” where they are called “Haute Dogs” because they are so delicious :-) Well, it’s certainly something different than the ones we get in Switzerland! 

Then we were ready to head into the djungle.... We drove up the hill to Manoa to take the hike to the waterfall.

It’s considered an easy hike, but it had rained the night before, so the floor was slippery and muddy. But who cares, when the rainforest is so beautifull, lush, and GREEN!

We took about a hundered photos on the way. Arriving at the waterfall itself was just a bonus. It’s lovely, but so is the entire experience of walking there and back. Highly recommended, if you ever come here!

Also watch the video I made! (if you klick on the title link you can watch it bigger on YouTube)

Yes, by now we certainly can say that there is more to Honolulu than the beach :-)

In the evening we all gathered in the kitchen/living room, watching the Grammy Awards and commenting every performance, dress and award choice.