Honolulu - Hardcore shopping

We didn’t see any use in getting up early for surfing on Tuesday since there were no waves.
Instead we went into a round of shopping at the Ala Moana center, this time more organized, making sure that we actually got to see all the shops.

Oli who keeps saying that he doesn’t have any money left nevertheless bought some small things. Actually, he felt in paradise when we went into Shirokiya, a Japanese shop. They have all kinds of food on the top floor and various Japanese goods on the ground floor... And yes, these Japanese have some clever little kitchen helpers!


I actually didn’t go overboard with shopping, just some shirts and new walking shoes (my old ones were really ready to throw away after the hike on Sunday).

In the early evening we went to the Hawaii Opera Theater with Sue to watch Lucia di Lammermoor. I can’t even remember when I had been to see an opera last time, but it was really good. I have a lot of admiration for the hard work of those singers!

By the way, this is considered proper attire for the Opera in Hawai'i...

But when we came home after 10 PM, work only started for some of us... Oli had been working on Willow’s new website for a week, always doing some hours here and there, mostly on the pictures. Now was the moment for him to teach her how to update everything by herself.

I kept them some company and also passed the time starting to pack some of the stuff I knew I wouldn’t need anymore. But by 2 AM I gave up and went to sleep... I think they continued until nearly 5 AM - but now Willow has a new, updated website!