Honolulu - One more round

Thursday was our last day in Honolulu - just as we were getting into the groove!
So we made sure to get a lot out of it.

In the morning we took the bus towards downtown and went to visit the museum of justice which has an exhibition about the evolution of the law system in Hawaii.

Then we walked over to the mission houses where you can walk through the first house that missionaries built here in the 19th century. It’s quite an interesting story, especially how the missionaries  made sure that most of the Hawaiian people could read and write their own language and therefore preserve it.

Then we went home to pick up our beach bags for a last round of surfing.
The waves were quite good although they slowed down a little towards the end. 

After a Mexican dinner we walked home to take a shower and finish our packing. That’s the good thing about having a flight at midnight, you can really enjoy a full last day!

At 10 PM Sue drove us to the airport and we had to say goodbye to paradise - but we are sure to return!