Honolulu - Sunday is shopping day :-)

On Sunday it rained mostly - not that we would be against surfing in the rain, we did that before. But there were no waves at all and we were told that the rain brings in the sharks....
So we took advantage of the facts that many shops here are open on Sunday and went shopping - big time!

First we accompanied Sue to Costco, a wholesale supermarket. Which means that everything is cheaper because you have to buy it in large quantities and really huge packages.
Watch this and you will know what I mean (and get a good laugh too!):

They had really everything, from food to electronics to books and even big bottles of aspirin!
It was a total overkill, but sure an interesting “cultural” experience!

In the afternoon Willow took us to our dear Ala Moana Shopping Center. We just can’t stay away from that place... Apart from having a lot of nice shops it also has a nice atmosphere, it’s mostly open air which is kind of logic in a tropical location. www.alamoanacenter.com/

I did some serious girl shopping: cosmetics, jewellery, shoes, underwear... And in the end I got a new big bag to put it all into.

It rained very, very heavily when we drove home. This and all the shopping made us a bit sleepy. But we really have to work on our napping technique and start setting an alarm. This night we didn’t and I only woke up again at 10:30 PM. The milonga had started on 10:00 and Oli was very hard to wake up again.
This way we had totally avoided the tango festival for 3 days although we had had the best intentions to go there!