Honolulu - Thank Goodness it’s Friday... Honolulu style!

On Friday morning we packed our beach bags and took the bus down to Waikiki so we would be there a bit faster than by walking.
We rented two surfboards and finally paddled out.
OK, so the waves were on the small side and also not too many. But it was OK for a start. I caught some waves and also got wiped out once. An hour was enough for me, there was no hope for improvement.

Olivier of course stayed another hour while I got back to the beach, bought a sandwich and a pineapple juice and relaxed under the palm trees...

On our way back home we also made a short visit at one of our must-go places, the Ala Moana shopping mall (it’s one of those places we ended up going to nearly every day last time...).
But then it was time to go home because I had to get ready for my performances of the evening. Two gigs in a row is good - you only have to put on your make-up once :-)

We drove to the HISAM (Hawaiian State Art Museum) where Willow started the evening with an hour of singing.

Listen to her lovely voice:

Then I did my dance out on the entrance, which is a really nice backdrop. The people were sitting on the grass - that’s why this monthly art event is called Live from the Lawn.

You can see this performance here: 

Then Willow also did a dance show.

Afterwards we were picked up by a driver to go to the next place.
Now Honolulu is THE place of the stretch limousines - the Japanese tourists just love them. And now, on my 4th trip to Honolulu I actually got to be driven around in one!
It was kind of cool, although of course everything is kind of over the top inside those cars, with a glowing ceiling and floor that change colors....

The next station was at the Aloha Tower where there is an Oriental dance studio in which they had a small studio show. This is where Willow and I danced again.

I felt really good performing that night. I had practised improvising to this music several times at home, but in front of the audience I had the impression that it went much better than just in the living room.

There’s also a video of this one:

Then Willow, me and our men went to a Japanese restaurant (there are a lot of these here!) and had some delicious food.