Honolulu - Walking, walking, walking....

On Monday the weather had cleared up a bit but was still partly cloudy. So we decided to walk up on Diamond Head, the old crater that is Honolulu’s landmark.
We took the bus until the zoo and then started walking... it went slightly uphill, around the crater to the tunnel that leads into it.

Oli had made the mistake to put on his new “comfortable” shoes and by the time we reached the tunnel entrance to the crater I had to give him all the band aids I had in my handbag so he could plaster up his feet.

I have walked up the Diamond Head trail twice before, but in Summer, when it was rather dry and brown. This time everything was green and humid, also because of the rain during the last weeks.

As usual there were many people walking up and down. It takes about half an hour from the crater’s ground to walk up to the top. In the end there are some very steep stairs and a little pedestrian tunnel. The view up there is always great and certainly worth the hike.

On the way back we stopped for a bowl of fruits and smoothie and then continued all the way through Waikiki (with some shopping of course). Got a little lost in the neighborhood streets but finally arrived home after about 7 hours being on our feet!

Nevertheless we finally made it to tango that night! There weren’t too many people, most were probably overdosed from the festival, but it was nice.