San Francisco in the rain....

We took what they call a “red eye flight”. Meaning you will get red eyes since you are flying through the night... I tried to avoid this by closing them as soon as I had installed myself in the seat.
Fortunately the flight was quite smooth, so I even kind of slept for a while.

Nearly 5 hours later I opened my eyes again after we had landed - in a cold and rainy San Francisco - and it was only 7 AM.

So we took the train into town. It turned out that I had chosen a hotel in a perfect location - quite close to the metro station and in the same block as a big shopping mall!

Fortunately they let us already check into our room so that we would get two hours of real sleep. 

Then we walked around a bit. Well, first of all we had to buy an umbrella....

Then we went to visit the cartoon art museum, a church and the mall. When it’s cold and wet outside you are just not as motivated to admire the architectural wonders of San Francisco as they would deserve it...

Food for every taste!

A shopping mall that looks a bit like a church...

In the evening we went to a restaurant called Pena Pachamama where Willow had arranged a performance for me. I was supposed to dance with the band, but we spent a lot of time waiting for the drummer. In the meantime the band played South American and Arabic music and we had some delicious food.

Finally it was time for me to dance. What fun to perform with live music again, I hadn’t done that in a long time!

You can watch my dance on YouTube:

Georges, the violinist, offered to drive us to the hotel and while chatting in the car we found out that Haissam Salah-Eddine, a Lebanese musician who lives in Switzerland (and who gave me the dance name Meissoun), was one of his first teachers when he lived in Dubai! Small world!