San Francisco - Last Day

And with this arrived the last day of our vacation... Luckily the sun was shining over San Francisco, although the wind was still chilly.
So we walked across town to see more of this great city.

First through Chinatown which is actually quite big - or maybe it just seemed so because there were so many people in the streets?

I spent some of my last dollars here on little bags that work excellent as zill bags (they make a nice gift for the students) and on a light coat with very nice Chinese fabric.
We ignored the restaurants, some of them having strange foods on display!

Then we walked all the way down on Columbus avenue, a very long street through Little Italy (easily recognized by dozens of Italian restaurants) which left us to Fisherman's Wharf, a classical tourist attraction - and really nice too. They have several old ships there that one could visit - but we didn't have the time, so we just looked at them from the outside.


Then we went back mostly on the same way because we wanted to eat at a restaurant we had seen on the way "The Stinking Rose" - a place that specializes in garlic dishes. With no consideration for the other people who would sit near us on the flight that evening we went inside and had some wonderful food. Just slightly smelly...

We finally returned to the hotel, grabbed our luggage and went to the airport and on our plane to fly back home....

PS: If you have never been to SF: Yes, it looks flat on the map, but actually, it's made out of many hills, lots of walking up and down!