Waikiki, here we come again!

After our arrival in Honolulu we first chatted a bit with Willow and her mother Sue.

Then we put on our beach clothes and headed for Waikiki.

It’s about a 45 min. walk from our hosts' home on Young street to the beach, but of course we took longer since we had to check out several shops on the way just to see where we would have to go back later.
But I already bought a pair of very comfortable flipflops - they make the soles out of yoga mats nowadays! :-) And I guess I will have to buy another SportSac - I just can’t resist their designs and they have so many different models that there is always an excuse for another one...

We walked along the beach, looking forward to actually getting into the water the next day.

We also had some ice cream and watched the sunset... It was so lovely and we had to agree several times to each other that it was a really good idea to come here!

On the way home we passed by the Hula zombie...

By the time we got home we were rather tired and not in the shape to go dance tango as we had planned (there’s a tango festival going on here).