Istanbul - And even slower...

It seems like the first days with all their action have taken some of my energy. That plus a rainy day in Thursday made me drop some of my plans. I guess I will always have my list of "things I haven't done yet". But that's fine. One more reason to come back :-) 

I took the chance to just hang around the hotel's surroundings. Which for example included checking out the sales at Mango  which I had been wanting to do for several days. I found 3 pairs of pants for really little money. So I declared the morning to be a success!
In the afternoon it cleared up and I walked over to Besiktas. I took some detours, one leading me through a big park. The plants and the sand on the paths had kept the humidity of the rain and it felt like walking through a tropical rainforest. 

Süleyman Seba Caddesi

Invented in Switzerland but now all over Istanbul
I Besiktas I met up with one of my tango friends. It's nice to hang out there, it has a very different feeling to it, more like a village than a big city. 

The evening was tango as usual at the Point hotel.