Istanbul - Barbra Streisand on the teras

Saturday night started a bit slow and ended wild :-)

I went to Tango Jean, a place that I have seen quite crowded on Saturday nights. But this time there were very few people around. On of the two men I danced with explained to me that it had to do with the elections on Sunday - apparently some restrictions on going out at night or something.
Just when I was thinking about going to bed, my young friend from last year came in and saved my night.
He took me and his best friend to Nuteras, one of the dozens of rooftop bars/clubs here in Beyoglu. They are popular for the great view over Istanbul.
When we arrived towards midnight people were still sitting - but I already suspected that the raised area in the middle with a green lit floor was a dancefloor...
I usually don't drink much alcohol - but to celebrate my vacation I ordered a Mai Tai - which they didn't have and gave me something green instead. Oh well, the drink helped me not to mind the music which was mostly house /mashup (and whatever that stuff is called nowadays) with the occasional Turkish song thrown in.

After a while the chairs were moved away - and as soon as somebody got on the dancefloor I had to follow of course! I really had a great time hopping around.
If you want a mental picture: me on a green glowing floor under a cloudy night sky dancing like crazy to "Barbra Streisand" (yes, alcohol really raises the tolerance for all kinds of music!).
My company for the night.
We stayed until 3AM - apparently the young guys had to get up at 7 AM - well, not my problem!