Istanbul - costume business

On Sunday evening I had another Özsüt dinner - some delicious strawberry and chocolate cake... This is how calories are fun!

Then I went to Ponte, one if my favourite milongas. Nothing but good tango dancers, including the tourist from Holland :-)

On Monday I did my duty as publisher of the most famous online shopping guide to Istanbul for dancers and went over the bridge to Sultanahmet. The shop called Istanbul Dreams is a bit hidden, I will have to think of a good way to guide people there... Although the costumes are not really a "dream" there.

Then I caught a tram to Aksaray. There's another costume shop in a business center - or actually, they are three now! It's turning into a bellydance shopping mall :-)
I tried on some nice, not too expensive costumes which unfortunately didn't quite fit me.
But I couldn't stay long because I was going to meet Serap Su, a dancer/costume designer I had met previously.
We first went to some fabric shops in the Grand Basar and then to others in the Eminönü area until I found the right material for the new costume that Serap Su is going to make for me.
She also bought some materials for other costumes so in the end we were both loaded with bags and needed to eat and drink in one of the many outside restaurants besides the Spice Basar.

There we discussed the costume in detail - and when it came to the bra, Serap Su showed me some if her ideas with her hands on my chest. Then I made some gestures suggesting fringe on my boobs. And suddenly I realized how strange this must look to the people around us! We laughed our heads off!

Then we took a taxi and drove to her shop in Osmanbey to finish the details and measurments.

Update: here's the finished costume, isn't it stunning?

From there I returned to Taksim square and took the old tram for a change because I just didn't feel like walking through all those people again.
I had decided that after half a year it was time to back to the kuaför and get a hair cut!
And as much as he cut off it should last until the next time I go to Istanbul... But it's a good cut nevertheless.
I also took the opportunity to get a pedicure and have my eyebrows threaded. And yes, the lady was convinced that I also needed my "moustache" removed! Ouch!