Istanbul - Last expedition...

On Sunday I checked out of my room for good and put on my "yoga mat sole" flipflops - the only way I could imagine to walk around more since my feet were still hurting. 

One thing that was recommended to me was to walk down the street beside the Galatasaray Lisesi - and indeed I found some very pretty streets, including one called Cezayir Sok. It's basically a long stairway with restaurants and bars to both sides. 

I am sure it's packed with people at night, but around noon I was practically alone there. I sat outside one restaurant and had a nice piece of cake for breakfast. It was so cozy and nice there, sitting on soft pillows, I felt that I could stay for hours! 
But well, I got up again to explore a bit more. 

Mostly side streets of Istiklal caddesi and some shops that sell last season and other "left over" clothing for VERY cheap. 

Didn't buy anything though because I had weighed my luggage at the hotel and it was definitely on the limit. But I had to get another pair of shoes. I had already bought them in black some days ago and they were so comfortable that I decided to buy them in white as well. 

All that was left to do was to eat one more plate of tavuk sis and then grab my stuff and catch the bus to the airport at 2:30 PM... (note to self: 3 PM would have been sufficient, the bus only takes 35 min. on a Sunday.)