Istanbul - Random observations

Some stuff that crossed my mind during this trip: 
  • As long as there are young Turkish men, the hair gel industry will not go out of business! 
  • There's a growing number of Turkish people, notably women, with tattoos - even on very visible body parts 
  • One of the best things about travelling alone is that I can eat and sleep whenever I want. This may seem trivial, but I do get irritated if I am hungry and have to wait for somebody to get ready to go. 
  • And in the mornings I can get up and be full of energy without somebody in the bed beside me who thinks that I am crazy and we should sleep 2 more hours :-)    (I do take naps later - if I want to) 
  • Some music does NOT enhance my shopping experience. For example: play Rihanna's "S & M" and see me run! 
  • When will waistlines of dresses ever drop again? For 10 years I have been waiting for the "pregnancy fashion" to go away and it's STILL there! 
  • It is very important that tango shoes are comfortable!
  • During 8 days in Istanbul I had tavuk sis (chicken skewers) 6 times. It must be my favourite dish here :-) And the best is the cheap one in the little street restaurant close to the hotel. Oh, and get me an ayran to drink with that!