Istanbul - Relax a lot - eat a lot - dance a lot

Saturday was my last full day in Istanbul. After all the walking the day before I was ready for some pampering. I strolled around the side streets and finally went to a kuaför on Taksim square to get a manicure and pedicure done. 
I also had another of those great crokant cakes and then took the tram to go to my favourite hamam, Cedikpasa. 
All the heat and humidity were very relaxing and the scrub and massage as well. In the end I felt as if my whole body had slowed down... 

Onuz picked me up from there and took me to a nice restaurant in Aksaray where we had a look at some photos he had taken of me and a lot of good food including a very good but very sugary dessert that I forgot the name of. The translations of the dishes were hilarious - I got a really good laugh out of them!

Then we went to Sultanahmet and I played the tourist model for Onuz, posing in front of the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia. 

At the hotel they had told me that they were completely booked out on Saturday and I had to check out. But when I returned that evening around 8 PM I asked again and they had  found a free room for me anyway. I was glad not to have to look for another hotel. Although the room they gave me was really small - I hardly had enough  space to open my luggage! 

After a little nap and some eclairs for energy I went to the 333 milonga. That's the one I hadn't liked on Wednesday. But this time it was much better. Slightly less people and it seemed like everybody wanted to dance with me! Well, it was my last night after all! 
So I danced for nearly 3 hours until my feet were about to fall off. Yes, it's important to have comfortable tango shoes! 

I still had the opportunity to sit down and chat for a few minutes with some of the tangueros. I have been asked several times if I would come to one of the several tango festivals. But I prefer a small milonga over a big crowded dance hall any time. 

When they closed at 2:30 somebody told me that another milonga was going until 4 AM. Since it was close to the hotel I agreed to come along but then we found the place alread closed. Oh well, I was really tired anyway and went to bed.