Istanbul - Taking it slow

On Wednesday I decided to take it slow in the morning. I slept in and then spent quite some time preparing for the photo shoot that I had booked in the afternoon. 
Then I went to the tango shoemaker. Yes, one can never have too many tango shoes! And I had found a nice fabric - animal print again. These days I can't seem to get enough of it! It will be combined with pink leather and I bought some black glitter stones to sew on. They will end up looking like a bellydance costume on heels :-) 

After noon I went to the new shopping mall Demirören which is next to my hotel. But only to eat cheescake and meet fellow dancer Charlotte from England and her husband Paul who were visiting the area.  
So I also walked with them for a little before returning to the hotel and putting on some make-up. I had thought of going to the location of the shoot in Sultanahmet by public transport but then took a taxi because it was rather hot and my bag with the two costumes was heavy. 

There's a big shop called Nakkas, an upscale store for carpets and jewellery. It's built on top of an ancient cistern and it was down there that the photographer and his assistant had set up the lights and equipment. I did some pictures standing and moving and others reclined on an old stone stair in the wall. These should come out pretty amazing, looking like an old painting. And some of my poses had been rather uncomfortable, so they must look good!   

This is me with photographer Oguz:

We also did some shots on the roof terrace. 
That's also were we sat down afterwards to chat a little with the shop's owner (who had lent me his office as a changing room)  and two of the managers. 
I had brought some chocolate as a thank you for being permitted to use their building for the photos - Swiss chocolate never fails to please :-) 

By the time I got back to the hotel it was evening and I hadn't had a proper meal all day, so dinner was important! 

I hardly had the time to rest, then I changed into tango wear and went out again. I found a milonga called 333 that had been recommended to me. But somehow I didn't like it that much. It was rather crowded but some people didn't pay enough attention so I felt that I was in constant danger of getting hit by a heel. After barely more then half an hour I left and went over to Tango Jean (it's so practical that most milongas are in the same area!). 

I liked it much better there. The had their Tango Nuevo night and I enjoyed listening to different music for a change. And I just generally feel comfortable at that place.