Istanbul - Walking, walking, dancing...

On Friday I went to the tailor to pick up my dress and shirts that he should copy for me but he hadn't finished them yet, so I told him to bring them to the hotel in the evening. 
It's practical that you can just bring an item that you like with the fabric and he is quite good at copying them - and it's not expensive either.

Then I went to the BellySu shop in Osmanbey for a fitting of my new costume. I really like the fabric I had chosen and I think it will look very elegant once it's finished. 

To get at least one more thing off my "to do" list I got a taxi and told the driver to take me over to Eyüp and up to Piyer Loti. Actually it is a large cemetery on a high hill, named after Pierre Loti, a French writer. 
It has a magnificent view over the city for which it is rather popular. 

I walked down the hill through the cemetery to Eyüp itself which seems to have an extreme lot of mosques of all sizes. 

I was supposed to meet Onuz, the photographer, in Eminönü at 4 PM and since it was only 2 PM I took the opportunity to walk along the Golden Horn which I enjoyed a lot. 
Now this would be a great site for a photo shoot!
The Iron Church of St. Stefan
It is actually made out of cast iron!
You just see so many more things when you walk than when you drive - and I also stopped here and there to take a closer look at buildings and take pictures. 

This scary looking building is actually a school...

It's a long walk...
I if I had walked straight I could have been by the Spice basar in one hour but like this of course it took a bit longer. 
At 3 PM Onuz called me to tell me that he couldn't make it and would prefer to meet me on Saturday. 
I was a bit tired and rather hungry, so I took a break to eat and drink something before continuing. 

I finally got to Eminönü, walked around the basar a bit and bought some small things. 
Since I was already in walking mode, I made my way over the bridge and up the Galata hill by foot. 

When I arrived in Istiklal caddesi I was so worn out from all these hours of walking that I just could go into one of the first cafes which happened to be a Starbucks. Their really good cake brought me back on my feet so that I could manage my way back to the hotel. 
After a much needed nap I started packing, mostly to see how much space there still was in my luggage. Well, if space was the only criteria, I could still go shopping a bit :-) 

Then I got ready for the milonga which was some metro stations up north, in Levent, so I went early enough and once out of the metro ate some dinner to have enough energy for dancing. 

The milonga was at the Levent tennis club - with a view right out to the tennis courts :-) 
It was clearly THE place to be this night. I saw many of the dancers I had met during the week. And they had a dance show inbetween of the Argentinian teachers who had come for workshops that weekend. Really good dancing! 

By 1:30 I was getting tired, also my legs hurt from all the walking during the day. But just as I had taken off my tango shoes arrived Özdener, one of my favourite dancers. So I put my shoes back on and pulled myself together because I didn't want to miss dancing with him. 

It was after 3 AM when I finally fell into bed to sleep...