Istanbul - It's that time of the year again...

Here I go again - on my yearly pilgrimage to Istanbul!

A solo trip this time and I have a list of things to do and places to go that are all new to me. In a big city like this it should not be too difficult to discover new things every time you come back.
I started with choosing a new hotel. Actually, two different local people had offered me to stay at their homes but in the end they couldn't have me because of problems in the family. Oh well, I am a big girl and improvisation is my strength :-) So I found the Residence hotel, a place that is cheap but still OK and perfectly situated.

Apart from that, I started my first day with the usual things. Had a smooth flight and even landed early. Getting out of the bus at Taksim square I was greeted by the familiar smell of roasted chestnuts... Some places you can recognize with your eyes closed!

It's best to get the business part out of the way as soon as possible. So I deposited my stuff in the hotel and went to Servet, the tailor, to drop a shirt and some fabric so that he could copy the model and make two new shirts for my boyfriend. There were some other people in the shop and they all agreed that the fabric (a Japanese style design, bought in Honolulu!) was çok güzel - very nice.

Then I was hungry and went to Ficcin, a restaurant in a side street that serves home made style food - and probably the world's best köfte (meat balls)!

Finally I paid a visit to Legend Costumes where I had ordered a costume a while back. I was very curious to see how it had turned out. I had suggested a design that was inspired by Turkish tiles. And now I have a new beauty in white, blue and dark blue!

Over the years I have learned that when I buy a costume there, I better wash my hair and powder my nose :-) Because Asiye always takes pictures of her creations and posts them right away on Facebook! So my FB friends can already have a look...