Tunisia - Dougga!

Friday started with kind of a rollercoaster.... We had planned to rent a car to drive to the Roman town of Dougga. 
On Thursday night the receptionist said that we might not get a car because somebody else had extended their reservation. But that I should check again in the morning. 
So I asked again after 8 AM and they said that there was no car available. When I went back to the breakfast room and told Sue, I could see her heart sinking. Seeing those ruins had been one of the reasons for her to fly halfway around the planet! 
Then I remembered that I had seen something about a group tour to Dougga on Monday and suggested that she should get on it. This made her feel better. 
And then suddenly we got the news that after calling 10 agencies the receptionist had found an available car! Hurray! 

All the back and forth meant that the went off later than expected, at about 10 AM. Oli drove and I was the co-pilot. 
Through Tunis and on the highway driving was really easy. But once we got on a country road, we had to drive through really bumpy parts where they were doing road construction. 

After about 2 hours we arrived. Yes, walking through ruins at high noon and about 40 degrees celsius is just our idea of fun! 

We hired an old guide who has been doing this job for 54 years and knows every stone and photo opportunity. And who explained everything in French, English AND German! 

It was totally worth the trip and the sweat, I have seldom seen an ancient Roman site with so much to see in such density (except of course for Pompei). Many roads of the town were still there, the temple, forum, houses with floor mosaics, public toilets etc. Also notice the absence of other people - we had it all to ourselves! 
We took a ton of pictures...

It was so hot that the water we had brought with us was close to boiling it the bottles... 
After two hours we were rather exhausted and really looking forward to some icecream! 
The guide also got some cactus fruits for us that were really delicious. 

Roman outhouse...

After a rest we drove back home - hitting the hottest point of the day at a highway restaurant stop!

At the hotel I really needed a good, long swim in the pool! 

Olivier went to meet up with the other men of the wedding party to go to the hamam. 
We women were very hungry and went to the restaurant Le Cap at about 8 PM. I had seen it on the road to La Marsa and it looked nice, so I suggested to go there to get a really good meal. And this is what we got! 
The food was excellent and the staff very attentive. What a nice contrast to our former experiences! And sitting on the terrace there was very pleasant. 

The funny thing is that at about 9:30 we heard loud zaghareet inside - and saw that the other people of the wedding party had arrived. 
Apparently they had forgotten to inform us that they were going there together. But frankly, we would have starved to death if we had to wait this long for food. So it was just as well for us. 

We went home soon after that to have an internet session in the hotel lobby and a good night of sleep.