Tunisia - Wrap up

I didn't have much time to write about the rest of our stay in Tunisia but want to share some pictures.

On Saturday afternoon we rented a camel and went to the beach for an epic photo shoot. At first we were worried about the weather, but the clouds turned out to be a great background.

The camel keepers!

More pictures here: Tunisia Photo Shoot

In the evening we went to Anasma and Pierre's wedding reception.

On Sunday me made an excursion to Sidi Bou Said where we visited an amazing house - we all just wanted to move in there!

Willow giving it all for a good picture!

The newly weds

Dreamy room!

Back side


Doors of Sidi Bou Said!

Walking the streets 

Gathering in an open air restaurant

On Monday (our last day) we went on a all-day boat trip, complete with snorkeling, barbecue and dancing.