South Tyrol - a short vacation

One of the reasons why I write this blog is to let my mother know what I am doing on my vacations.

Since I went on my October holiday with my parents and there was no WiFi at the hotel, I didn't write anything....

But I would like to give you a short overview anyway.

My parents had invited me to come along to South Tyrol for 5 days - a place they had been to many times but that I had never seen.

It's a lovely region in the North of Italy with a strange mix of Italian and Austrian flavour - since most people here speak German.

First of all, I have never seen so many apple trees! Yes, all these are orchards.

My father went bicycling during most days - he is very sporty!
Meanwhile my mother and I went to different places like the castle Runkelstein.

It's very famous for the mural paintings:

The next day we took the cable car to Oberbozen - it takes 12 minutes and most of the time you are HIGH above ground! Strangely although I am usually afraid of hights this didn't bother me, since it's in a closed space. So I can't fall out - it's all in your head!
Instead I really enjoyed the scenery.

Up on the mountain we took a train to one of the next villages and then also walked a bit.

I filmed our ride back down to Bozen, so you can see just how high up we were!

On the third day my mother and I went to Meran, another lovely town.

After walking around the little streets for a while we took the chairlift up the hill. 

And this was a completely different story from the cable car!
They had one seater chairs that looked ancient, with little security. Yes, it was not that high above ground but just what I needed for a nice little panic attack!

I spent most of the ride with closed eyes, BREATHING and hoping that it would be over soon!

At least we were rewarded with a very nice view on top of the hill:

But I told my mother that she could take that chairlift down by herself and go shopping or whatever - I was going to walk, no matter how long it would take. Because going DOWN on a chairlift is even more nerve wrecking than going up!

Actually, it was a really nice walk.

No trip to Italy is complete without a market! So although it got a bit colder the next morning, we went into town to see if we could find a good bargain - there are tons of clothes, accessories and other stuff. Sure enough I bought several things. Success :-)

In the afternoon I visited the museum of archeology where they have a rather well made exhibition about "Ötzi" - the iceman that had been found in this region.
It was all about how he was discovered, how he lived, his clothes, tools etc. The man himself was also on display, but you could only see him through little windows in the box where they keep him preserved.