Istanbul - Seeing new sights

On Saturday I met up with my new friend from tango and we first went to the costume tailor and shoe maker where he translated some details that would have been hard to get through without speaking Turkish. He speaks both English and French really well, so he really was very helpful.

My original plan had been to walk along the old city wall over the hill, from one shore to the other. On my friend's suggestion we changed that a little. 

We went by bus, and got off near the old Roman aquaduct where we walked around for a while. 
He took me to a little restaurant that sells a special drink called Boza. It is very thick and has a special flavour. The restaurant is over 100 years old and still has a lot of its original interior.

Apparently it's also a tourist attraction because it was suddenly flooded with a big group of tourists, so we left quickly, took a taxi and went to the Kariye / Chora church, a Byzantine building that is now a museum. 

On the walls and ceiling there are wonderful mosaics (and some paintings) showing the lives of Mary and Jesus. My friend got audioguides for the both of us - interestingly he took one in French for me because we had been talking French all the time :-) 

One can always appreciate the beauties of art and history much  better with explanations. So we spent quite some time there admiring all the mosaics and frescoes that cover the walls and ceilings of the church.

The place is not heated and by the end of the tour we felt the need for something warm. We went to a nearby café where my friend made me drink another Turkish beverage (forgot the name). It's hot and thick and tastes slightly of vanilla.

By the time we finally walked over to the nearby city wall it was starting to get dark already. But we climbed up to see the view which is great. I definitely wanted to come back for more!

Of course we met up again later to dance more tango!