Short hop to the Bosphorus

How to make the most out of your last 2 vacation days of the year....
Take suitcase to office. Go directly to airport after work. Upon arrival drop suitcase in conveniently located hotel. Go to milonga.
Spend 4 great days in Istanbul (where else?).
On Monday morning take early flight. Go directly back to office from the airport...

Sounds like what a person with a knack for efficiency would do - in other words: Me!

I am right in the middle of this trip now - after two nights of tango and one day of heavy shopping on Istiklal Caddesi and the Grand Basar where I also went to say hi and chat with some people I know there.

One new coat, a pair of shoes, an evening gown (to be changed into a tango dress), some fabric for skirts and several small items later I went back to the hotel for some rest.

The Point hotel, location of Thursday's milonga is just a minute away, very practical. I got to dance with several young cuties - it's a nice change to the Zurich tango scene that us a bit "older".

On Friday I was hanging out in the Nisantasi area. First I visited Serap Su in her shop and we made a little round to find the right color of chiffon for my newest costume. There's a street that has at least a dozen of fabric shops, which is very convenient.

Then I just walked up and down the street, ending up in the big mall where I had the usual shopping experience: dozens of shops where you don't really like anything and then one where you take 10 pieces to the fitting room!
I found nice boots but had to wait an hour because they had to get the right size for me. So I used that time to get a hair cut - I only have my hair cut every half a year and lately it's always been in Istanbul :-)

Had another nice milonga in the evening where I met a dancer who agreed to help me as a translator and guide the next day.