Abu Dhabi and a lazy day

OnTuesday we arrived in Abu Dhabi. I don't remember exactly when I had been there - about 15 years ago. There where some places I still remembered and of course a lot of new buildings - there are dozens of construction sites all over town where they are building like crazy.

We went on a guided tour which among other things took us to a museum with a nice calligraphy exhibition and the heritage village.

This is what our dinner on the cruise ship looked like - followed by a little visit to a bar and the casino with our table mates.

Our next destination on Wednesday was Khasab, a smaller town in Oman. Its attraction are the "Arabian fjords".
I decided that it was time to rest and spend the day on the ship, mostly just hanging around in the shadow. The temperature was over 30 degrees and I really wondered how so many people could stand lying in the sun for hours! I would not only get sunburned but also sun sick!

One of the practical aspects of a cruise is that you can see many different places in a short time without having to pack and unpack your luggage.

On the other hand, space is limited. And while a ship on a river cruise will nearly always land very conveniently in the heart of the city, a big sea cruise ship stays out in the harbour and you can't just walk out and into town. First of all it's not allowed but it's also much too far. But of course they also make sure that there's always some activity going on and the guests are entertained.

Especially in the evenings. I have lost count on how many musicians there were in the many bars, restaurants and clubs. But live music of different styles was everywhere!

And did I mention food? One week on a cruise is all I can take, I put on too much weight!
On one evening after dinner they had a midnight dessert buffet - I was so stuffed there was no way I could have eaten more. But a whole bunch of people went to eat from the buffet just because it was THERE!

But they also had some guest animations and ice carving artist.