Dubai - City tour

Dubai, the last station of our journey was also my favourite. Although everyting here is very new like in Abu Dhabi, somehow I get the impression that there's more effort done to make it look nice and make everything a special experience. It's also greener (of course at the expense of insane amounts of water consumption) and there's reasonable public transport which is always a plus for me.

On the first day we took one of the "Big Bus" tours - the one where you can hop on and off along the way. It was the perfect way for us.

We started out at the Wafi City Mall with it's wonderful court garden and "ancient Egyptian" decor.

From there we took a longer ride on the Jumeirah Road to the Madinat Jumeirah.

View on the Burj al Arab

Looks like an old basar, but is brand new!

Our next stop was the "Palm" - the large artificial island with its main attraction, the Atlantis hotel.

The Atlantis

Dubai Skyline

Burj Khalifa

The Dubai Mall is gigantic and doesn't only have the usual shops and restaurants but also the world's largest free standing aquarium with loads of large fish. And you can go ice skating or strolling along the artificial lake.

There's also a big gold souk.

Back at the Wafi City Mall we visited the Khan Murjan which is situated in the center and underground of the garden. It's a recreation of several styles of Middle Eastern souks / bazars / khans.

Lebanese restaurant

Egyptian glass ceiling

Shop window

All day long, driving or walking, we were repeating how amazing and unbelievable this place is. I'd definitely come back here, preferably with a bigger budget to really explore all the attractions.
Of course we also visited some of the many shopping malls. 

As usual on cruises we had our fixed dinner table, fortunately with 4 really nice and fun people - an elderly couple and another mother-daughter duo. The couple's wife expressed the wish to go into town after dinner and see more of Dubai because their guided city tour had been rather dissapointing.

So I went out with her and we took a taxi to the Wafi City Mall - since I was sure that it was a place she would like to see.
They used the wall of one of the buildings which looks like an Egyptian temple for a sound and light show that night.

There's another entrance that is built like a Greek temple. We went through the luxury shops, just marvelling at the outlandish shoe designs and prices!

Floor mosaic!