Firenze - the park edition

On Thursday the weather in Firenze was lovely . So we walked into town through the huge park called Le Cascine which was close to our hotel. From there we continued all along the Arno river.

A pyramid!
The center of Firenze on the horizon 
It took us about an hour to arrive at the Ponte Vecchio. Where we found out why my mother had warned me that Florence is expensive... Just go to a restaurant near a touristic place - they will totally rip you off! And what's worse is that the food wasn't even good...

Ponte Vecchio is basically one big gold basar!

After taking our tourist pictures we went over to the Uffizie. But there was a long line in front of the entrance and since they only let a limited number of people inside at a time, according to the sign we would have had to wait 45 to 60 minutes... We were really not in the mood to stand there for an hour when the weather was so lovely!

Leonardo texting?

So after a short round of the square in front of the Uffizie we let art be art and walked over the river and up to the Forte di Belvedere from where we entered the Boboli garden, another very big and very nice park.

There we walked up and down, took many pictures of the beautiful view one has from this hill to all sides and visited a procelaine museum and an exhibition on fashion history.

The park is VERY large! We spent several hours there...

Olivier had spent one month in Florence when he was about 20 and told me about his adventures back then - mostly they were about getting drunk every night... And he insisted that I had to see the Dome.

So we went there as well. It's really quite impressive from the outside, and also colorful with its pattern of white, green and red marble as well as several big mosaics.
Of course there was a long line at the entrance - and again we did not go inside...
I have seen many attractions on this trip, but Florence seems to be the special tourist magnet!
Anyway, it was already late in the afternoon so we started to walk home.
Shortly before we came to the hotel we passed by a supermarket to get food for breakfast and driving the next day.

In the end we had been out for about 10 hours, mostly walking or standing, and our feet were killing us!
All we could do was go to a nearby restaurant (which was good and much cheaper then in the center!) and get some wonderful pasta for dinner.