Italy Road Trip!

After all the flying around the globe it certainly was time for a road trip!
Since I live in a small country it only takes a short drive to the boarder in any direction. And I had wanted to go back to Italy for quite a while.
So I made my boyfriend come pick me up at my office at 3 PM on Friday afternoon from where we drove off towards the Aosta valley.

There wasn't too much traffic in our direction and after two short stops we arrived at our first destination at 7:30 PM. Châtillon is a small village on the steep mountain side. Although most people seem to talk Italian here nowadays it's originally a French speaking reason. The old lady who greeted us at our hotel spoke better French than Italian anyway - well, so do I :-)

The main reason I chose Châtillon is simply that it has a cheap hotel on the road to Torino. But sometimes it's nice to stop in smaller places that you normally wouldn't visit.

We took an evening walk up and down the little streets and over the many bridges and payed a short visit to the bar by the hotel.

This deep valley goes straight through the village

There's not much of a night life going on so we went to bed early.