San Giminiano / Siena

On Tuesday we left the tree-covered hills of Liguria and drove to the neighbouring Tuscany. Whatever you heard about its beautiful landscape is absolutely true! It's like driving through one big postcard.

By noon we arrived in San Gimignano where we spend the entire afternoon.

This medieval town is famous for its several high towers. It is very well preserved and maintained.

There are of course some (rather simple) churches, many inhabited houses and countless shops and restaurants for the many tourists. But it's all done with taste and style. This is Italy after all!

The highest tower is open for visitors to climb up.
But the new stairs that they built in are those metal stairs where you can see through. Not for me! I am afraid of hights, so I gave up soon and sent Olivier up with my camera to take pictures for me while I waited for him somewhere in the middle.

I was at about the 4th floor and enjoyed the look out of the windows over the roofs of the town from there.

We walked through the many little streets, had lunch and walked some more until close to 5 PM. It's unbelievable that we spent so much time in that little town but it was just too amazing and around every corner there was a new motive waiting to be photographed.

Then we drove to Siena where we checked not into a hotel but the tiny half of a mobile home on the camping ground. The things one does for cheap accommodation! But we had our own tiny built-in bathroom so it was fine with me.
Then we had our first look at the city. I know, I sound like a broken record by now, but Siena is so beautiful!
We walked around the most important sights and did some shopping.
Italy would not be the same without its millions of scooters!
When it got dark we had a pizza and then went back to our room.
Already looking forward to a longer tour of Siena!