Siena - art overload

On Wednesday we first took advantage of the fact that we finally had a good WiFi connection to check our e-mails, upload the blog entries and do other stuff on the Internet.

Then we drove back into Siena to have a closer look at the sights, especially the churches. But first we ran into heavy traffic because there was a huge weekly market. Luckily we found a free parking spot nearby and took a short walk through it. Actually the market was large enough to spend the entire afternoon there but after I had bought 2 shirts and Oli a scarf we decided it was time for culture.
San Domenico is a huge but surprisingly empty church that looked like kind of a religious bazar to us. There are several small altars, mainly for Santa Catherina but also for other saints. You could practically go there and choose today's saint of your fancy to pray to.
And they have lots of grave plates on the wall of rich people who could afford (in past centuries) to be burried in the church.

Then main attraction is of course the Duomo, Santa Maria della Scala.
It has several parts to visit (main church, crypte, museum) which all require a seperate entrance ticket (those Italians! They take it from the living AND the dead...) but it was possible to buy one ticket for all at a reduced price (I am telling you, it's a religious bazaar!).

Ready for culture!
Side entrance
Wall paintings in the crypt

Side chapel

Floor mosaics in the cathedral

Big paintings

Decorations non-stop
Stories in paintings

It was all really awesome but I started to get tired of it. I just had too many new impressions in the last few days and couldn't take in any more.

So we walked to the Campo, the big sea shell shaped square in the centre and had lunch there.

Shortly after we sat down under one of the big umbrellas it started to rain - but 20 minutes later the sky was totally blue! So we continued our walk and finally went back to our car.
We drove back to the camping lot where we had left our luggage at the reception and then continued on to Firenze.

There we checked into the hotel at about 7 PM and I decided not to leave the building again until the next morning so that my brain and body could get some rest.

I just sat on the bed doing my manicure and watching YouTube videos...