Honolulu - Back on the boards!

Sleeping in has definitely not been on the list of things to do during this vacation :-) We got up at 6 AM on Saturday as we had done several mornings before that and walked down to Waikiki beach for another surfing session.
The waves were good and I enjoyed my 2 hours in the water. After this time I always get hungry and have to go back to the beach...
It was just the time I needed to finish the book I had bought 2 weeks ago.

On the way back home we did some last souvenir shopping and Oli bought the pants he had seen a while ago and now finally decided that he needed them.

After 1:00 PM we walked over to the Art Museum for the tour to the Shangri La, a wonderful villa by the ocean that has a beautiful collection of Islamic art. It's one of those places where you want to move in and never leave! We enjoyed the walk around the building and the view very much.

When we got home, I found Willow working on a costume, so I joined her for a round of dancer talk while I did my manicure.

In the evening we did another touristic "must" and went to the Duke's bar in Waikiki with Willow and JC to drink our Mai Tais down by the beach under the light of the tiki torches. After all, one must appreciate all the possibilities the island has to offer!