Honolulu - Travel around half the globe!

Back to the Beaches!

Four days have passed already since we arrived in Honolulu, and I finally find a moment to write about it...

Last Sunday we did what's probably the fastest possible way to travel from Zurich to Honolulu. From lift-off in Zurich to touch-down in Honolulu we spent 20 hours, mostly in the air. Well, door to door it was more like 24 hours.
As we left in the early afternoon I wasn't tired at all on our flight to San Francisco, so I watched a lot of films.
I can also again fully recommend Swiss International Airlines. They served several good meals including Mövenpick ice cream (no extra fee!). Plus all the flight attendants were very friendly.

We had a theoretical layover of 3 hours in SF which turned out into more like 2 hours of which we spent 1,5 hours standing in line at immigration... Then we got our luggage, went to check it in again and as we arrived at the next gate it was already time for boarding.

By this time I was so tired that I was actually able to sleep through most of our second flight.
And here's the difference between Swiss and United Airlines: On a 5 hours flight they only had a sandwich and you had to pay extra for it! (Good thing I was asleep...)

We were happy to finally arrive in Honolulu where we were soon greeted by Jean-Christophe, my friend Willow's husband. We dropped our suitcases at their home and said hello to her mother Sue. Then we had a nice late dinner at a Japanese restaurant.